Registered Tax Consultant and Business Advisor


Tax Litigation Services

Our Tax Litigation services comprise the followings:

Tax Audit

Helping clients with accompanying them during the process of tax auditing.

Tax Objection and Appeal

Helping clients in the formal administration process and with accompanying them/acting on behalf of the clients during the proceedings in the court.

Tax Appeal to the supreme court

Helping clients with following-up the process of tax appeal to the supreme court if there is any.


Tax Consulting

Our Tax Consulting services comprise the followings:

Transfer Pricing

Helping clients with advices in formulating strategies for transfer pricing documents to prevent losses from the related parties and transfer pricing scenarios.

Tax Review

Helping clients with re-evaluation over the produced tax reports and ensuring that they have been in accordance with regulations.

Tax Planning

Helping clients with tax planning to augment the effectiveness and efficiency in tax calculation without violating the regulations.

Individual Tax Management

Helping individual clients to produce personal tax reports.


Tax Compliance

Our Tax Compliance services comprise the followings:

Annual and monthly corporate income tax return

Helping clients with compiling annual and monthly corporate income tax return.

Monthly VAT return

Helping clients with compiling monthly VAT Return.

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